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Teenage Athlete Crushed to Death in Freak Elevator Accident Inside Apartment Building

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This is a horrible story, but I feel like it’s important to share, because I see so many stories out there about people being killed in “freak” elevator accidents.


And here we go again.

And this story is exceptionally awful because it involves a teenager who was planning an amazing and fulfilling life for himself.

An Atlanta teenager was killed in the freak accident when an elevator malfunctioned and pinned him between two floors of an apartment building.

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19-year-old JauMarcus McFarland got jammed between the falling elevator cab and the third floor of the building on Tuesday afternoon.

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The New York Post reported that friends are blaming the freak accident on the condition of the elevator — but the property manager claims 16 people overcrowded the elevator and caused a deadly “domino effect,” reports said.

Horrified witnesses called 911 as McFarland’s legs dangled to the second floor below, the report said. The athlete lost consciousness and died after rescuers worked an hour to free him, the Journal-Constitution said.

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McFarland, a Missouri resident, had just started in August at Atlanta’s Champion Prep Academy, where teenagers can enroll in an educational and athletic program as a bridge before applying to colleges.

The teen, a football player who dreamed of going pro, had been living in the building with fellow athletes, reports said. The elevator was known to have operational issues and had been due for a state inspection in August 2020.

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Very sad. These old buildings need to be better maintained and everyone needs to be more careful in elevators.


Please, pay attention when you’re getting on elevators, everyone.

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