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Taliban Go Door to Door Seeking Payback on Female Judges

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The Taliban are going door-to-door in Afghanistan searching for more than 200 female judges for payback.

The women fear they will be murdered by the Taliban Islamists.

Female protesters were held in a garage after the Taliban break up a protest on Tuesday. reported:

More than 200 women judges are trapped in hiding in Afghanistan and are at risk of being killed by the Taliban, campaigners have warned.

It comes after the Taliban freed thousands of prisoners, including terrorists and senior al Qaeda operatives.

Campaigners told The Independent the judges responsible for sending many of the newly released criminals to jail are terrified for their safety now the inmates are free.

Judge Raihana Attaee, currently in hiding in Afghanistan, said she is petrified the Taliban or the recently freed prisoners will kill her if they find her.

The 38-year-old, who previously lived in Nangarhar province in the east of the country has had to flee. She said the Taliban came to her road a few days ago to ask the people she is staying with if any female judges were hiding there.

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