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Airline Professionals, Passengers Unite Against Vaccine Passports

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An online organization dedicated to stopping vaccination passport requirements for airline staff and passengers is bringing these demographics together in an effort to change public opinion and policy. According to the declarations of those who have signed up online, Free to Fly represents over 1,500 Canadian airline professionals—pilots, flight attendants, and ground and airport support staff—and an additional 9,100 air passengers. Applicants must indicate in the online form which airline they work for and what their positions are, and then they are allowed to join. Commercial pilot Derek Grigor, one of the four founding members of Free to Fly, says the membership has doubled each of the last few weeks. “We were just getting frustrated … freedoms after freedoms are being taken away. We were like, ‘this is ridiculous, we’ve got to do something, we can’t just sit back anymore,’” Grigor told The Epoch Times. “Most of us at Free …

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