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Fall of Kabul to Taliban Raises Fear of Terrorism’s Rise in Africa

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News Analysis Conditions in Africa represent a “perfect storm” that’s fueling the rise of Islamist terrorism on the continent, security experts tell the Epoch times. They cite Africa’s newest insurgency, in northern Mozambique, as a prime example. Professor Adriano Nuvunga, from the political science department of the Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique’s capital Maputo, warned of growing militancy in Cabo Delgado province as far back as 2007. He says the motivations of those who answer the call of Jihad are both economic and ideological. The academic, who’s also a human rights and democracy activist, watched as marginalized youth in the impoverished region began rebelling against the authority of local Muslim leaders. In 2010, huge natural gas deposits were found off the Cabo Delgado coast and the Mozambican government, in concert with French energy giant, Total, soon began exploiting them. Nuvunga warned how “dangerous” it was to exclude local inhabitants from …

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