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Media Bias

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The political affiliations of 70 percent of upper management of all U.S. newspapers are registered Democrats. Hence, they have a clear bias toward liberal views and opinions in reporting on almost all issues, local and national. This begs the question—Why are so many Democrats and liberals in management positions in our media? One only needs to look at the education of these “left-leaning” writers, commentators, and managers in positions of influence and opinions. Forty percent of the top universities in our country employ professors and teachers that represent an 11 to 1 ratio of Democrats over registered Republicans or conservatives. In history departments, that ratio is 30 to 1. It’s quite understandable and certainly not a stretch to realize that the left-leaning indoctrination these media folks absorbed while attending four years of liberal propaganda is a subset of their brains affecting their views and beliefs when conveying their thoughts and …

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