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Report: Lawyer For Several January 6th Defendants Has Suddenly Gone Missing

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Another very bizarre situation has unfolded involving the January 6th case.


A defense lawyer for seventeen of the defendants has gone missing.

And he’s been missing now for 17 days, and nobody seems to know what the heck is going on.

UPI reported that defense Lawyer John Pierce, who represents 17 defendants charged in connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, has gone missing for a week.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Columbia has not heard from Pierce “by phone, email, or otherwise,” for a week, they said in a filing Monday.

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Pierce last appeared in court for an Aug. 23 hearing in the case of U.S. Capitol riot defendant Jeramiah Caplinger, a Michigan resident seen breaching the Capitol on Jan. 6 in photos and video footage while wearing a red “Trump 2020” hat and carrying a flag on a long branch.

Pierce did not appear for a scheduled status hearing Aug. 24 for Nathaniel DeGrave, who was arrested in Las Vegas and indicted earlier this year on nine counts connected to the Capitol breach for which he pleaded not guilty.

“Instead, Ryan Marshall — an associate from Mr. Pierce’s law firm who is not a licensed attorney — appeared in Mr. Pierce’s place,” the court filing said, adding that Marshall has continued to appear in Pierce’s place at court hearings and meetings “for roughly the past week.”

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Marshall said Pierce was absent Aug. 24 “due to a conflict,” the filing said. “A few hours later,” in another case, Marshall told a prosecutor Pierce “had been in an accident and was on his way to the hospital.”

But reports of where he is are conflicting, some say “accident” others say he has COVID, one said he was on a “ventilator,” another said that’s not true.

The bottom line is that nobody appears to know what happened to him.

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It’s bizarre and rather eerie when you think about all of the questions, politics, and mystery surrounding the January 6th event.

Also worth noting that Pierce was once on Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team.


Very odd, seems we need “proof of life” at this point, to make sure he is indeed okay.

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