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Marriages Are Made in Heaven: Sacred Wedding Traditions That Honor the Divine

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A marriage ceremony is not just the union of two humans but is a sacred and solemn occasion that is founded on faith and ties two families together. Since ancient times, people of faith have upheld that wedlock is holy in nature and should be respected. Every culture and ethnicity has its own wedding-time traditions to honor the Divine and seek His acknowledgment of the lifelong bond between a husband and wife: a commitment that lasts until death. Sacred Wedding Customs In Western culture, sacred vows form the foundation and center of wedding ceremonies; the recitation of the vows signifies the moment when the bride and groom become husband and wife. These special words, holy by virtue, are spoken by a couple to each other in the presence of an officiant to express the promise, love, and lifelong intent of being there for each other regardless of the life circumstances—richness, …

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