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Actions Don’t Match Words: Scott Morrison’s Women’s Summit Speech Criticised

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison said every Australian has a responsibility to address the problem with the culture that leads to violence against women but has been criticised for his words not matching his actions. In his opening address to the National Summit on Women’s Safety on Monday, Morrison said Australia “does have a problem” with an attitude and culture that condones gender inequality. “That is on all of us. Every Australian has a responsibility,” he said. “And we have to do better and strive to be better.” Morrison called for everyone to play a part to help make the country “safe for every woman.” “Right now, too many Australian women do not feel safe, and too often, they are not safe,” he said. “And that is not okay. There is no excuse, and sorry doesn’t cut it.” However, Australian of the Year Grace Tame and former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins …

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