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Gold Star Mom Vows to Travel to DC and Demand Biden Resign Right After She Buries Her Son

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I feel so sorry for these Gold Star families right now.


Their children didn’t have to die. This was totally avoidable, but Joe Biden and his bungling team made so many mistakes. How on earth can you turn security over to the Taliban, and then acted shocked when suicide bombers archive access?

What planet are these idiots living on?

So many of the Gold Star family members have come forward and said that Joe Bode was disrespectful and rude towards them and that they felt offended by him.

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What a monster this shaky old buffoon is.

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Well, one Gold Star mom isn’t letting Biden get away with this. She says after she buries her son, she’s traveling to DC to demand that Joe Biden resign.

Western Journal reported that the mother of one of the 13 brave American heroes who died last week in Afghanistan due to President Joe Biden’s incompetent exit from the country blistered him in a Facebook post on Monday and vowed to travel to the White House to demand his resignation.

It’s difficult to imagine what Shana Chappell is going through right now after her son, Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Mae’Lee Grant Nikoui, was killed Thursday at the airport in Kabul by a suicide bomber.

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The young Marine’s father, Steve Nikoui, joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson last week and described how he found out about his son’s death and how it affected his family.


This was a message that Shannon recently posted on Facebook about her son.

“Hello Friends. I haven’t checked my notifications or [messages]. I’m exhausted and my heart just hurts so much. I just wanted to thank you all for your love and support and for honoring my son Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui,” she wrote.

“Finding out the details of what Happened to my son and what he was doing when it happened has hurt me so much but at the same time i am so proud of my little man,” added the grieving mother. “He saved so many lives and in return he lost his own. It kills me, i feel like I’m dying!”


God Bless Shana for having the strength to fight for his son and I hope she knows that she has an ARMY of patriots standing behind her right now.

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