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Here’s The Haunting Photo of The Very Last American Soldier to Leave Afghanistan…His Expression Says It All…

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Today is a dark, dark day in America’s history.


After a shambles of Joe Biden’s making – an utter chaotic deadly disaster in Afghanistan – we left Afghanistan, not as “heroes” but as cowards – and I don’t mean that to bash our military, they are heroes, always – but the USA, under the feckless “dementia-riddled” so-called “leadership” of Joe Biden, left behind Americans, Afghans who helped us, and service dogs, as we left the country.

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This would have never happened under President Trump.

Joe Biden has sullied the term “leave no man behind.” Because we left behind an unknown number of people who needed us. We turned our back and left.

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But our soldiers never faltered. They did what was asked of them and more. They sacrificed life and limb for the mission and for their country and now we have a photo of the very last soldier to board the plane and leave Afghanistan.

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You can see the somber look on his face…you know he didn’t want to leave anyone behind.

It’s a haunting photo.

We salute you, Sir.

What happened in Afghanistan is all on Joe Biden.


Every last bit of this epic and biblical-style failure in on him.

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God Bless our troops, and God help those people and service dogs left behind.

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