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Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bill to Award Congressional Gold Medal to Kyle Rittenhouse

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced H.R. 6070 on Tuesday to award a Congressional Gold Medial to Kyle Rittenhouse for protecting the community of Kenosha, Wisconsin during the violent and destructive Black Lives Matter riots on August 25, 2020.

Rittenhouse was acquitted last week in the shooting deaths of two BLM terrorists and injuring another after they attacked him during their organized mayhem.

The Hill reported:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) introduced a bill on Tuesday to award Kyle Rittenhouse the Congressional Gold Medal for “protecting the community of Kenosha, Wisconsin, during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) riot on August 25, 2020.”

The Congressional Gold Medal is the highest honor Congress can award an individual or institution. It is highly unlikely the bill will go anywhere in the Democratic-controlled House and Senate, and it has no co-sponsors.

Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two protesters in Kenosha and wounded a third, was acquitted last week by a jury of all charges, including intentional homicide.

“Kyle Rittenhouse deserves to be remembered as a hero who defended his community, protected businesses, and acted lawfully in the face of lawlessness. I’m proud to file this legislation to award Kyle Rittenhouse a Congressional Gold Medal,” Greene said in a statement to The Hill.

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