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Taliban Declare Ban on Slogans, Protests That Don’t Have Their Approval

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The Taliban on Sept. 8 announced a ban on all slogans, demonstrations, and protests that do not have their official approval in yet another signal that the Islamist group is taking a hardline and repressive approach to government. A decree was issued on Wednesday by the head of the Taliban’s new interior ministry, Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is a member of the Haqqani network that has long been designated as a terrorist organization by the Department of State. The department also has a $10 million bounty on Haqqani’s head, while the U.N. has Haqqani on a sanctions list. Haqqani’s decree said that protesters without the Taliban’s permission to stage demonstrations in a stated location and time will face “severe legal consequences.” Approval must also be given for any slogans that might be used during the protest. The decree also accused Afghans protesting in Kabul and other provinces in recent days for “disrupting security, harassing people, and disrupting normal life,” telling citizens …

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