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Afghan Foreign Ministry Responds to Taliban’s Cabinet Announcement as 2 Governments Claim Power

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Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry on Sept. 8 condemned the Taliban’s “so-called cabinet” announcement, after it unveiled its new all-male interim government on Tuesday. A statement issued by the Afghan embassy in Geneva on Twitter said that “the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which emanates from the free will of the people and epitomizes the vision and aspirations of millions of citizens who made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of sovereignty, democracy, freedom and independence of their country, condemns the announcement by the Taliban.” It added that the decision “goes against the will of the absolute majority of the people of Afghanistan, international agreements, relevant United Nations Security Council, and United Nations Human Rights Council resolutions and undermines the national interests of Afghanistan, including security, stability, unity, and prosperity of the country and its people.” The statement also said that the announcement of the Taliban cabinet will result in “undermining Afghanistan’s political, ethnic, and social …

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