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[VIDEO] Trump Spokeswoman Has Briliant New Take On Joe’s “81 Million Votes”

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Have you heard that there’s a new movement that’s sweeping the nation?


It’s a new way for Americans to express how much they dislike Joe Biden…

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And while I know the “F-word” can be distasteful to most, sometimes, in certain circumstances it can really get the point across…and I think this might be one of those times.

College kids around the country have been breaking out with the “F**K Joe Biden” chant at all sorts of events – from football games to parties.

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Watch (warning language):

It’s pretty remarkable to see.

Biden’s approval ratings are also in the toilet.

A recent mainstream media poll now has him at an abysmal 39 percent.

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One wonders, how can this be, for a man who supposedly got 81 million “historic” and record-breaking votes?

Well, it can’t – we all know that – and that’s precisely what Liz Harrington, President Trump’s spokesperson so perfectly pointed out when she appeared on OANN.

You can watch the video below:

If Biden truly had gotten 81 million legal votes, he would not be cratering this fast in the polls.

He would have a padding of A LOT of support to help carry him through a massive rough patch, and to at the very least, slow down the hemorrhaging.

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But that’s not happening – we’re watching it collapse in real-time, and very, very quickly.

Biden’s so-called “historic movement” is a complete and total fraud.

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