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5 Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Mind

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Scientists are still discovering the extent of the mind’s capacity and capabilities. Its neuroplastic nature was only recently discovered, and despite popular belief, the human mind can be developed and strengthened to function optimally. Here are five natural ways to enhance your mind’s performance. 1. Meditate Meditation can physically change the human brain. Studies show that people who meditate regularly develop higher folds in the outer region of the brain through the process of gyration. These outer folds are associated with the brain’s ability to process and save information. More recently, a study conducted by Yale University revealed that long-term meditation hampers the “default” mode network of the brain. This network is responsible for purposeless wanderings of the human mind. Similarly, meditation has also been linked with increased cortical thickness in the hippocampus region of the brain which influences the mind’s ability to learn and remember things. 2. Exercise Regular exercise is linked with …

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