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China to Wipe out ‘Black Sheep’ From the Party Amid Power Struggle: Experts

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A stream of calls from Beijing to eliminate “black sheep” within China’s sole governing political party cast light on its ongoing power struggle, experts say. In the past week, China’s top public security agency repeatedly declared to root out the remaining forces of several former high-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members; even though the so-called “big tigers” were jailed in past years amid a wide-reaching corruption crackdown under the command of Party leader Xi Jinping. “Comprehensive self-examination and self-correction” should be in place to “resolutely remove the black sheep,” a Chinese official said. Listed names included then-top politicians from Xi’s rival faction that was led by former leader Jiang Zemin. Zhou Yongkang, at the top of the list, is China’s former security chief. Zhou was sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes in 2015, while also being charged with abuse of power and leaking state secrets. Zhou is also …

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