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Chinese Seafarers Stuck at Sea Amid Pandemic Regulations

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Many Chinese ship crews are struck at sea due to Beijing’s management of the pandemic. Some of the sailors revealed their plight to the Chinese language Epoch Times. The second officer of a Chinese ship who sails international routes, surnamed Shi, told the publication on Sept. 1 that there are many ships queuing up outside major Chinese ports. He said returning crews need to take a test for COVID-19 before they are allowed to dock and disembark. He added that many ships don’t even make it to the ports. “Due to the pandemic, the ports don’t allow the change of crew on ships. Many people have worked for 12 to 13 months, or even 16 to 18 months on the same ship, and they can’t get off,” Shi said. According to regulations, seafarers are not permitted to work over 12 months consecutively. However, many Chinese crew members are stuck on …

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