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Book Burning Criticized by Party Leaders During French-Language Debate

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Party leaders criticized book burning by a francophone school board in Ontario during their French-language debate on Sept. 8. The project was done in 30 schools in the name of reconciliation with indigenous peoples. “It’s completely unacceptable to burn books,” said Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau, when asked by debate moderator Patrice Roy if it’s his duty as a leader to denounce the book-burning when the news first broke on Sept. 7.  “At the same time, we’re not going to tell aboriginal people how they should feel. We have to find a balance. That’s very, very important,” he said.  Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole said the road to reconciliation doesn’t need to involve “tearing Canada down” in a post on Twitter Sept. 7. “Burning of books is always unacceptable in a society like our society. We should be focusing on reconciliation without that kind of behaviour,” he said during the leaders’ …

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