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Boris Johnson Criticises Churchill Charity for Scrubbing Former PM From Website

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday criticised an educational charity—originally founded in memory of Sir Winston Churchill—after it scrubbed the former wartime prime minister off its website. Johnson, who wrote a book titled “The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History,” said the charity’s move airbrushed Churchill’s “giant achievements and service” to the UK. He said the move was “completely absurd, misguided, and wrong.” It emerged on Wednesday that the charity—originally named The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust—recently changed its name to The Churchill Fellowship, a name which Chief Executive Julia Weston says “reflects who we are today.” In a statement published in June, the charity said it shares the opinion that many of Churchill’s views on race are “unacceptable today.” Unnamed volunteers of the charity told the Sun that the new website also removed every picture of Churchill, along with a list of his achievements, his full biography, and a 1,400-word tribute to …

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