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[VIDEO] Reporter Paul Joseph Watson Reveals Wealthy Elites Are Securing “High Tech Bunkers” Far Away From Big Cities 

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Paul Joesph Watson, who writes for Summit News, just revealed something very interesting.


It appears that the wealthiest among us – known as the “elites” are securing and building fortified “high-tech bunkers” in areas that are very far away from big cities and large populations.

In his report, Watson shares actual articles that focus on several billionaires who are spending big cash to get out of the cities and into remote areas.

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Now, Watson believes that this has something to do with the impending “collapse” that is coming; as country’s like the US continue to spend money that they don’t have, getting further and further into debt and despair.


I don’t know about that, but it is a curious report, nonetheless.

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Some of these billionaires are having architects who created “Olympic stadiums” building “their doomsday” complexes.


You can watch the video below:

Of course, maybe these guys are just sick of living in Democrat-run hell holes?


I can’t say that I blame anyone for wanting to get out of these ghastly Democrat-run cities, and if I had $50 million to blow on a house, I’d likely “fortify” too.

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Nevertheless, it’s an interesting nugget of info.

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