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[VIDEO] Day Two of Jen Psaki Bolting Out of The Room When OANN’s Emerald Robinson Asks Heated Question

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It seems like Jen Psaki is scared of OANN’s Emerald Robinson.


Why else would she keep bolting out of the room when Emerald asks a tough question?

And they’re not “gotcha” questions by any means – these are actual “hardball” questions that the American people would really like answers to.

Jen bolted yesterday when Emerald asked about the new report from The Intercept that says Fauci has been lying about his “Gain of Function” research.

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And it happened AGAIN today when Emerald responded to Biden’s plans to mandate vaccines for all federal employees, and also, he’s looking into doing the same in the private sector.

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But Jim Jordan and a whole host of others claim that Biden can’t do that.


This is all part of Biden’s “COVID reboot,” since the virus is about 300% worse now than this same time last year, even though 200 million (or so) Americans are vaccinated.

Biden has failed miserably at all things COVID, and everything else that he touches with his shaky gray hands.

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Here’s what Emerald said as Jen bolted out the door again:


Newsmax White House correspondent

“@EmeraldRobinson: “What happened to ‘my body my choice’ when it comes to vaccinations in the Biden Administration? And in 2020 Pres.-elect Biden said he would not demand vaccine mandates.”

You can watch the video below:

I wonder if Emerald is getting sick of seeing the back of Jen Psaki’s head?

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Well, she better get used to it, because as we all know, Jen won’t answer hard questions.

That’s definitely not part of the “Joe Biden Show.”

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