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Fig and Plum Sauce

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Sautéing figs with plums, shallots, and balsamic vinegar turns these simple ingredients into a savory, sweet, tangy sauce with a deep burgundy color, perfect for autumnal feasts. I serve it alongside roast pork, as a chutney for curry, and even as jam on my morning toast. I love this type of sauce—with just a few simple, quality ingredients, you can make anything instantly more delicious. Depending on your desired results, you can vary the cooking method: Cooking the sauce for 15 minutes or so as written, until the fruit is barely softened, will yield a thicker, chunkier sauce, best used as a side dish or garnish to meats and poultry. If you cook it a little longer, let’s say 45 minutes or so, the fruits will soften and break down even more, giving you more of a chutney. If you then puree it, you’ll have a savory jam. Makes about …

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