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‘Stand up to BlackRock Like You Did to China’: Former Senator Calls on Australian PM

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The Australian prime minister should resist pressure from overseas investments giants—like BlackRock—on climate change action, in the same way, the federal government resisted the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) economic coercion. Ron Boswell, former National Party senator, said moves by business and political leaders in the United Kingdom (UK), United States, and European Union (EU) to pressure Australian industry to cut emissions were hypocritical and overrode the nation’s Parliament. “I think this is a blatant disregard for Parliament and its elected representatives, who are trusted by the people of Australia to determine what is legal and what is illegal,” he told the Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth. “For Larry Fink [CEO of BlackRock] to come in like he’s all-powerful and declare that no-one in the coal mining industry gets a go in Australia, to my way of thinking, is just power gone completely out of control,” he said. …

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