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Mysterious Radio Signals From the Center of the Milky Way Detected

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By Entrepreneur en Español If something has become clear in recent years, it is that we are largely ignorant of what happens outside the Earth (also within it). Millionaires embody a battle to reach the Moon, Mars, and the ends of the galaxy, but there are countless unknowns. Such is the case with a mysterious new radio signals coming from the center of the Milky Way. The technical name of the waves is ASKAP J173608.2-321635 . Scientists have not yet been able to know what it could be. The signal has been detected six times between January and September 2020, then reappeared until Feb. 7 of this year. In a study on the finding, which has not yet been published in The Astrophysical Journal, but can be consulted on the arXiv server, the researchers explain that it is “a highly polarized, variable, and steep spectrum radio strong.” “ASKAP J173608.2-321635 , …

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