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WA’s $5.6 Billion Budget Surplus Has Doctors’ Association Demanding Hospital Crisis Be Dealt With

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The Western Australia (WA) government’s $5.6 billion budget surplus has compelled the state’s leading medical association to call for more support amid rampant staff shortages and overcrowding at hospitals. The call comes after the economic impact wrought by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus left WA’s coffers largely untouched after the state reaped the benefits of skyrocketing iron ore prices. WA’s economy has outshone most jurisdictions for the duration of the pandemic, growing 5.7 percent since the December quarter of 2019—almost double that of every other state combined. So far, the new budget has seen the government allocate $3.1 billion towards health, with $1.3 billion towards improving health infrastructure, $960 million to go towards the ongoing 2021-22 WA health budget, and $487 million for COVID-19 measures, including hotel quarantine and vaccination. The investment will see an extra 332 designated hospital beds, 100 new doctors, and 500 new nurses. WA Premier Mark …

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