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Asia Kate Dillon On Season 5 Of ‘Billions’: ‘Taylor Mason & Wendy Rhoades Have One Of The Most Dynamic Relationships On The Show’

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(CBS Local)– “Billions” is back this weekend on Showtime and that means fans will get to see what happens between Bobby Axelrod, Chuck Rhoades, Wendy Rhoades, Taylor Mason and Michael Prince. Seven episodes of the season aired in 2020, but the show was put on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith recently chatted with Asia Kate Dillon about what fans can expect from the remainder of season five, Taylor Mason’s relationships with Wendy & Axe and how the non-binary actor feels the character of Mason has impacted the television landscape. Episode 508 of “Billions” airs Sunday, September 5 at 9pm EST/PST on Showtime and will be available to stream on the Showtime app.

“I think I’m correct when I say season five took 504 days in total to film and it has certainly been the longest season I’ve been a part of yet,” said Dillon. “Coming back into season five was an extraordinary treat coming out of what was a year of balancing very intense gratitude and very intense grief at the same time. Getting to come back with the best acting partners I could ask for was incredible. Season five, episode eight picks up right where we left off. It’s a thrill right from the start.”

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Dillon says it took some time for them and the rest of the actors to recalibrate to being back on set in the Axe Capital world. The actor has really enjoyed the opportunity to play Mason because the character features so many layers and those intricacies are on full display in the remainder of season five.

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“I don’t know what other nuisances about Taylor people gravitate to,” said Dillon. “I’m sure everyone is very different. One of the things that has always really interested me about Taylor is the level at which they are introspective and how often and when and why they go into themselves to discover how they can grow and change or adapt, in specific relation to how they have been in the past. One of the things I’m excited about in season five coming back and audiences checking in with Taylor is seeing that introspection. In episode 508 we get some of that will effect what Taylor is going for and how they’ll behave and operate for the remainder of the season.”

“Working with Maggie Siff is extraordinary and always has been. I’m so grateful for the scenes and the writing we have is also extraordinary. I love this show if you can’t tell. Getting to learn more about who Taylor is every time I get to play a scene as Taylor is information I get to glean as an actor. What does that mean about Taylor and how they are feeling in this moment. When it comes to the relationship with Wendy, I think Taylor has to learn to trust someone and then have that trust broken and still need them. Taylor & Wendy have one of the most dynamic interpersonal relationships on the show. It doesn’t get any less dynamic when the season comes back.”

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