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Overcoming Regret

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Minimalism isn’t just about letting go of excess possessions and the things we no longer use or enjoy. It is a whole-person release of everything that diminishes our well-being. There are things that complicate our lives far more than the clutter we can see—things like the heavy burden of regret. Regret can anchor us in the past, robbing us of the present. It can interject itself into the happiest of moments, clouding over our sense of peace. If we’ve lived, we’ve done at least a few things we wish we hadn’t or failed to do some things we wish we had. Some of the choices we wish we could change only had an internal effect on us—they didn’t really impact anyone else. Then there are the more complicated regrets that stem from seeds we have sown that grew pain and heartache in others. Eighteen years ago, I stood by the …

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