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Beyond the Bars in Cañon City, Colorado

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Quite a few out-of-towners spend time in Cañon City, but not for the right reasons. While this smallish city in south-central Colorado is within driving distance of fast-growing Colorado Springs and the former steel city of Pueblo, it is hardly a bedroom community for commuters. Instead, many of those living here are behind bars in the 11 prisons spread across Fremont County, which takes its name from the legendary 19th-century soldier, explorer, and politician John C. Fremont. One of the most infamous inmates, Joaquin Guzman, better known as the Mexican drug lord El Chapo, is locked up at the federal supermax prison. Those coming to Cañon City for something other than a spell in the penitentiaries often do so for the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. Sightseeing via Train The heritage line operates as many as four daily sightseeing trains along tracks first laid in the 1870s through the breathtakingly beautiful …

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