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2 Indiana Boys on Bikes See Military Funeral and Stop to Pay Respects as Taps Plays

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A couple of boys in Indiana made their neighbor proud when—while out riding their bikes—they heard a military funeral procession, stopped, and stood at attention while Taps played. Batesville local Jacqi Hornbach was dog-sitting at her friend’s house, which is across the street from a cemetery, when the procession pulled in on Thursday, Sept. 2. “The boys rode up on their bikes and immediately stopped when they saw the funeral,” she told The Epoch Times. “They got off their bikes, put down their backpacks, and waited quietly together for a minute or two. “The respect these two young boys showed for the deceased military man was so heartwarming.” Jacqi was so moved that she snapped a few pictures of them as they stood there. She later took to Facebook and shared the photos with the world—despite her initial hesitation. She wrote in a caption: “I debated whether or not to …

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