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China Will Bribe the Taliban and Take What It Needs From Afghanistan, Expert Says

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The communist regime in China will use bribery and corruption to get what it needs from Afghanistan, as Beijing continues to foster its ties with the Taliban, a China expert said during an EpochTV webinar on Sept. 8. Grant Newsham, a retired U.S. Marine Colonel and a senior fellow at the Washington-based nonprofit Center for Security Policy, said China has used the same tactics with other countries. “You get in, you bribe enough of the elite, pay them off, and you create a constituency that benefits financially from the Chinese presence. You don’t try to do too much in terms of transforming the society, and you’ve got [the] Chinese who are willing to go in there and do business at the front end,” Newsham said, explaining how Beijing would advance its ties with the militant group. “Then you just squeeze the juice out of the country,” he added, “If the …

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