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Blinken: US Service Members’ Tax Penalties by German Authorities ‘Not Something on My Radar’

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said he was unaware of a U.S.-Germany treaty dispute that has exposed large numbers of U.S. military members to big tax penalties from German finance authorities. Blinken, who was in Germany on Sept. 8 to discuss with allies evacuation efforts in Afghanistan with U.S. allies, told reporters he was “unaware” of the matter but pledged to “look into it,” Stars and Stripes reported. “I’m sorry, [it’s] not something that I’m aware of, but I’d certainly invite you to take that up with the embassy, if they can work the issue and I’ll double back and look into it,” Blinken told reporters, adding that it was “not something that was on my radar.” The tax dispute centers on a disagreement over how the NATO Status of Forces Agreement, which was originally signed in 1951,  should be interpreted. Blinken, as head of the State Department, oversees the resolution of the …

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