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Conservative Pundit John Cardillo Has a Frightening, But Very True Observation Regarding Our Fate Under Dictator Joe

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Joe Biden, a senile, decrepit elderly man who can’t string a sentence together to save his life, has gone full commie dictator in about 8 months’ time.


As you likely know by now, Biden has introduced draconian “vaccine mandates” against Americans for a virus with a 99.8 survival rate.

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You’re now expected to believe that the man who left behind Americans to die at the hands of the Taliban, suddenly cares about your personal health.

Are you buying that load of hogwash? No? I didn’t think so.

And once again, this is yet another promise that Joe Biden has broken to the American people.

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Just a couple of months ago, his administration promised no “vaccine mandates.”


But now, all bets are off, and Joe Biden is using his pen and his phone and the power of OSHA to enforce his vaccine on 100 million Americans – most of whom are Black and Hispanic, to choose between feeding their families and injecting a serum into their body that they don’t want.

All for a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate.


This is horrific “Hilter-style” stuff.

And conservative pundit John Cardillo says we’re all in big trouble and the reason why is because we have gutless GOP leaders and a media who is in the tank for Joe.

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Here’s what he said: “Biden is a dictator and no one can do a thing because Congressional Republicans are gutless, DOJ is compromised, and the media is complicit.”

That’s a hard and uncomfortable message to hear, but it’s likely pretty spot-on.

The GOP has vowed to take Biden to the “gates of hell.”

But will they actually do it? Will Republicans finally get up off their dough butts and actually fight, or will it be a bunch of “soundbites” from Lindsay Graham on Hannity, or outrage tweets from a bunch of senators, and then nothing?

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Because this is going to take a lot of guts – the GOP is going to have to stand up to private companies and say “NO MANDATES” in my state…because anything short of that, will be meaningless.

I don’t have any faith in the GOP – after all, they stood by while this decrepit old fool was installed.

So, as John basically says in his tweet, we may be on our own, folks.

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