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How Communist Ideology Promises Utopia but Delivers a Nightmare

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In the fourth episode of a special series by EpochTV titled “The Dark Origins of Communism,” host Joshua Philipp continues to explain the history and reality of the communist movement across the world. Philipp reveals the shocking turn of events that accompanied the age of “enlightenment,” and the very opposite ideals that were the driving force behind this movement. During the age of enlightenment, people believed that they could discard the old world, and with human reason alone, modern men could fashion something better. However, this narrative of “reason” was used to launch the Reign of Terror, where at least 40,000 people were beheaded by guillotine. This obsession with bloodshed and destruction led to a century of attempted revolutions, culminating in the Paris Commune of 1871, the first communist form of government. How did this government come to be? The Paris Commune of 1871 was preceded by socialist launched uprisings …

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