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Your Why Matters

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We are inundated each day with ideas, messages, beliefs, and expectations. We ingest more information than we can actually digest. It can overwhelm and discourage us as we try to navigate this world. There is nothing wrong with exploring and challenging these varying perspectives, beliefs, and expectations. We are free to correct course when we gain new insight and information to deepen our thinking and curiosity. We should be forever learners, eager to grow. But when we are bombarded with new information, it’s vital to know our purpose and remain connected to it as a compass. Your purpose—your “why”—can change. Your why can and should evolve because we, as people, change and evolve with time. For that reason, it’s critical, on a regular basis, to remind ourselves of that why, to reconnect with it. What is the “thing” that motivates and influences the choices you make and the actions you …

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