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9/11 Didn’t ‘Change Everything’

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Commentary Marking 20 years since the awful day of Sept. 11, 2001, is a very personal experience. A mixture of contending emotions, based on what happened that day and the twists and turns since. For me, it was the most shocking and consequential day of my professional life. I awoke that day anxious to prepare the Vice President to receive foreign visitors on Capitol Hill. He would join the House Speaker in presiding over a joint session address by Prime Minister John Howard of Australia. Economic and foreign policies were high on the agenda, especially policy toward Asia and the Middle East. After checking logistics with our West Wing staff, I returned to our national security suite in the Executive Office Building. Upon entry, an army officer said, “Sir, you have to see what’s on the TV.” As we debated the type of aircraft and unique challenges of such a …

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