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Interpol Must Reform or Perish Amid Beijing’s Abuse of the System

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Commentary Across Europe and beyond, Chinese nationals are paying a heavy price for Interpol’s acquiescence to the Chinese regime and other authoritarian states, and its refusal to effectively reform. It has been widely reported that Uyghur activist and software engineer Yidiresi Aishan, who has been living in Turkey for nearly a decade, is now sitting in a detention center in Morocco, literally fighting for his life, as China seeks his return through an extradition request. If Aishan is returned, there is good reason to believe that he may not make it out of prison alive. Yu Hao, a Chinese national living in the Netherlands, was taken in by police due to an Interpol red notice while visiting Poland. Again, China was seeking his extradition. Yu is no longer alive; he committed suicide. It’s not hard to understand why. Chinese-born Swedish citizen Li Zhihui was sitting inside the very same facility …

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