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China’s Top Security Prison Kills Dozens of Prisoners Annually

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Dozens of prisoners in China die every year because of the prison authorities’ corrupt system and their penchant for enslaving and torturing those in their care. Wang Yuyin (a pseudonym for safety) was a political prisoner in Shenyang First Prison, Liaoning, a coastal province of northern China. He told The Epoch Times on Aug. 19, “The annual mortality rate of prisoners is higher than that of a rural village.” He was talking on behalf of other prisoners who want to reveal the ongoing atrocities caused by the communist regime’s corruption and brutality. Shenyang First Prison was reorganized in 2003 to become part of Shenyang Prison City, a first-level security prison, occupying about 60.54 acres of land, and holding prisoners serving sentences of 10 to 15 years, according to, a Chinese communist style of wikipedia. The Prison City has a total of 20 departments, 23 prison areas, four subsidiary units, and 18 prison-run enterprises …

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