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New Orleans Residents Rely on Each Other After Hurricane Ida

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, New Orleans bakes in a strange silence. The muffled buzz of a few generators and the splatter of cars cutting through inches-deep water are the only modern noises. A thick pudding of bayou mud covers the ground. For a while, there’s no barrier between nature and the bayou’s people. The only thing the nearly 430,000 people of New Orleans’s Jefferson Parish have is each other. But it’s enough. Without power, the entire city runs on cooperation and trust. Locals put aside their personal tragedies and work to help their neighbors. The Storm In Jefferson, Hurricane Ida’s waters overwhelmed the levee. When waters first crested the levee, they were stopped by a backup sandbag barricade, local Joseph Casso said. But rescue workers had to break it down. “At some point, they had to go rescue people in lower Lafitte. So they had to bust out …

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