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Chinese AI Company Seeks to Block Apple’s iPhone Sales Ahead of New Device Launch

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Just days ahead of Apple’s launch of the new iPhone 13, a Chinese AI company is seeking an injunction that would block Apple’s iPhone production and sales, over a patent dispute involving digital personal assistant Siri. Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology, also known as Xiao-i Robot, filed an application with the Shanghai Higher People’s Court on Sept. 3, requesting a preliminary injunction to block Apple’s manufacture, sales, and exports of all devices with Siri in China, claiming infringement on its patent. On Sept. 6, the Shanghai Higher People’s Court confirmed that it had received Xiao-i Robot’s application and is currently under review. This incident follows the Chinese company’s lawsuit against Apple filed in August 2020, seeking compensation of 10 billion yuan (US$1.5 billion) for damages caused by infringement. Xiao-i Robot has started its legal battles with Apple over Siri since 2012. The Chinese company claims that it invented a virtual …

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