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Don Jr. Takes Biden’s “POTUS” Photo and “Fixes It” For Him in Latest Viral Smackdown

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If Joe Biden thought Americans were mad at him over Afghanistan, just wait until he gets a full ear-full about how we feel about his new draconian “vaccine mandates.”


Biden has said that all federal employees must take the vaccine or they will lose their jobs. There are no exceptions or exemptions, period, and end of story.

He is also using OSHA to force businesses with 100 employees or more to force vaccines. So, now, you either have to choose between eating and having a roof over your head or taking a government-mandated vaccine.

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“America’s Back…” 🙄

This is the godawful situation that Joe Biden has put Americans in over a virus with a 99.8 survival rate, and he’s also not taking into consideration all the people who have “natural antibodies.”

How is this “science?”

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Well, it isn’t. It’s a PR move and a power grab all rolled into one.

See, Joe Biden’s poll numbers are in the toilet. He looks weak and ineffective.

So, he’s looking for big headlines and a chance to appear “tough” and this is what he went with.

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Was it the right move? I don’t think so, but time will tell.

However, I can tell you one guy who’s not a fan right now…Don Jr.

And today, he pulled off one of his greatest trolls of all time, when he “fixed” a photo of Joe Biden.

Truly, this is some amazing “artwork,” I think Don Jr. just outdid Hunter Biden.


Jr. took Biden’s so-called “POTUS” photo and –well – you’ll see what he did to it for yourself.

Take a look:

Ha ha ha ha, man, the apple does not fall far from the tree, does it?

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Yes, Don, that’s exactly how MANY Americans feel about this abject failure and dementia patient, Joe Biden.

He’s an absolute “POS.”

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