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‘We’ve changed and so have restaurants’: the new rules of dining out in Australia

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A new generation has entered the restaurant workforce and they’ve been thrown in the deep end. So what does that mean for customers?

The question that we, as diners, don’t ask ourselves enough is, “Am I being unreasonable?”

Sadly, a lot of reliable, old-school restaurants are choosing to close rather than renew their leases. And can you blame them? Many of these owners are claiming burnout is the problem. And what burnout means is constantly putting their health at risk by working a public-facing role, while tackling rising food costs, rent hikes, irate customers, and a nation-wide labour shortage where hospitality has 52,000 roles to fill. These figures place hospitality as one of the top industries experiencing a labour crisis, next to healthcare. Demand for workers is at an all-time high.

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