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Ukraine Says ‘Bloody Packages’ Sent to Several Embassies

Two days after an explosion at Ukraine’s embassy in Madrid, a government spokesman said that “bloody packages” were received at embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, and Italy, and at consulates in Naples, Krakow, and Brno. Footage from Brno, in the Czech Republic, shows police at the consulate there. Both the consulate building and a nearby kindergarten was evacuated, Czech Police said. The package in Brno, which was initially thought to contain explosives, contained animal tissues, police said. Oleg Nikolenko, the spokesman for the Ukrainian foreign ministry, said the packages “contained animal eyes”. A Ukrainian embassy in the US received a letter containing an article criticizing Ukraine at the same time as the European packages, Nikolenko added. Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian minister for foreign affairs, said: “We have reason to believe that a well-planned campaign of terror and intimidation of Ukrainian embassies and consulates is taking place. Not being able to stop Ukraine on the diplomatic front, they are trying to intimidate us. However, I can immediately say that these attempts are useless. We will continue to work effectively for the victory of Ukraine” Friday’s packages followed incidents in Spain, where officials and embassies have received letters and packages containing explosives. At least one employee at Kyiv’s Madrid embassy was injured when a package received on site exploded on Wednesday. Credit: Czech Police via Storyful

Published by; Daily Telegraph