VIRTUAL EVENT: Why Future Leaders Need to Understand the Past

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First Principles Townhalls: Parents Bringing Civics to the Public Square
America is experiencing a cultural crisis, and parents across the country have asked us how to pass the American legacy to the next generation in a culture increasingly hostile to American identity. The Heritage Foundation’s First Principles Townhalls will speak into this moment, offering participants the educational tools to give their children an honest understanding of our history: to help them appreciate America’s political and cultural achievements, as well as our debt to the classical-Christian tradition.

Session 1: “Why Future Leaders Need to Understand the Past”
Near the center of our cultural crisis is a crisis of memory: The most powerful forces in society are either ignoring the remarkable history of the United States or are attempting to rewrite and pervert this history in the pursuit of a radical political and social agenda. Never before has the meaning and significance of the American Founding come under such sustained attack. Join Dr. Joseph Loconte for a discussion of how American democracy grew out of the classical-Christian tradition and why an honest understanding of our history is a democratic necessity.

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